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Our Story

Bridge Thrift is not exclusively affiliated with any religious organization or non-profit. We are a for-profit corporation dedicated to uplifting our communities financially. By funding people and organizations already established and committed to making positive changes around them, we can focus strictly on transforming your underutilized items into greater resources to give back to local communities. 100% of the net profits generated through Bridge Thrift stores are given back to our communities.


Our Goals

Funding Changemakers

Bridge Thrift transforms your underutilized items into revenue and resources, funding positive change makers in our community.

See the slider below for our two main giveback programs!

Strategic Partners

We envision a Changemakers Grant that exists to empower projects, people, and organizations. These grants will be accessible by a streamlined application and approved by committee to enable change, growth, and hope in our communities.


These strategic partners are established organizations and individuals in our community that have a proven track record of making a positive impact and connecting with those in need in meaningful ways. These are a few of the organizations that we fund and work closely with on a consistent basis:


Empowering Sustainability

We're bridging the gaps of 'reuse, reduce, recycle' in your community.

Thrift is usually perceived to be environmentally friendly. We believe that thrift can be environmentally restorative. We are choosing to make a difference with every step of our processes. When you drop off your donations they will make an impact. Whether these donations are enjoyed again by a happy customer, sorted for recycling, or dispatched to responsible manufacturers to be up-cycled into new lives, we pride ourselves in finding the best solution for each donated item.


Centering People

Our mission is powered by people. Generous donors, wholehearted employees, and change-making organizations are our MVP’s.

Bridge does not exist without our donors. They choose everyday to give toward a better community for all of us. We’re honored that you’ve chosen us as your partner to create opportunities for your neighbors by donating your belongings. 


Our focus is taking donating from another task on your to-do list, to a convenient opportunity to give back tangibly. Our staff understands the impact you’re making by donating, and are ready to help you unload, choose a partner to give back to, and send you on your way with the assurance you’ve made a difference in just a few minutes.

The Bridge Journey

You (a valued donor, customer, or partner) are the reason we're on this journey at all! We value accountability and want to bring you along on this adventure from the launch of the Bridge dream, to a brighter future for all of us.

JAN 2016
SEP 2018
FEB 2022
AUG 2022
NOV 2022
JAN 2023

Jared founds the nonprofit LA ROAD Thrift store as a way to uplift and connect with his local community in Glassell Park, Los Angeles.

Inspired by the idea of a business that powers radical generosity, Bridge co-founders Andrew and Jared have their first brainstorming session around a for-profit thrift model that donates 100% of its profits back to community organizations.

Bridge Thrift opens its first store in Clairemont, San Diego, quickly realizing through community response and local partnerships the impact potential of this business model.

Bridge Thrift opens its first store in Clairemont, San Diego, quickly realizing through community response and local partnerships the impact potential of this business model.

Bridge Thrift acquires longtime friends and original location, L.A. ROAD Thrift Store in Glassell Park, Los Angeles. We connect directly with existing partners to continue supporting our neighbors and develop new impact outlets.

Officially 3 years ahead of growth projections, the opportunity to open a third location in Highland Park, Los Angeles presents itself. This postpones our break-even date, but creates greater giving potential in the future.

We hope to officially launch our Be a Bridge program in early 2023. This will allow each donor at any of our locations to specify where they would like a portion of their donation proceeds to go. Your local pet shelter, your favorite nonprofit organization, your church, etc. the options are limitless. Our hope is for you to feel empowered to be a changemaker.

We estimate that in 2023 we'll move past our startup phase (aka officially out of the red) and have reached a point of net profit (aka money we'll have to give away to our local partners).

We also plan to officially launch our main giveback program: Changemaker Grants. Any community changemaker will be eligible to submit an application for funding for their project to be reviewed by our application committee.

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