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Our Values and Culture 

We have three goals at Bridge:

Fund Changemakers
Empower Sustainability 
Center People

What does this mean for our teams and supporters?

Most companies have nice words tacked up in their break rooms like: 


  • Integrity

  • Communication

  • Respect

  • Excellence


These words were displayed in Enron’s lobby. All of Enron’s leaders went to jail. The company went bankrupt. These were not the real values at Enron. 


Real values are not just good words. Real values show up in our interactions at the donation centers, at the register, and in our store aisles. Real values are the behaviors that are celebrated, rewarded, and promoted.


At Bridge, we truly value the following three behaviors and skills in our teams. This means we hire, promote, and celebrate people who demonstrate these behaviors.


This means we take time to talk about actions inconsistent with these behaviors because we are a leadership development company disguised as a thrift store. We always welcome feedback surrounding our adherence to these behaviors as teams and leaders.

Our Valued Behaviors

  • We know people won’t remember what we said. They’ll remember how we made them feel

  • We are a leadership development company disguised as a thrift store. People will leave better equipped than when they came

  • We are constantly learning from our communities 

  • We practice and coach kindness. Kindness communicates a person’s value to you

  • We look for ways to participate in systemic restoration and love 

  • We create ease of access for funding that transforms communities 

  • We generate spaces that lower the barrier of entry for entrepreneurs 

  • We welcome all changemakers

  • We practice what we preach. We do what we say we’re going to do

  • We lean into brave spaces and model how to develop personally 

  • We pursue radical generosity

  • We take responsibility for representing our values everywhere.

  • We are not glamorous - We’re present, mindful, and intentional

  • We give and receive feedback generously and clearly

  • We value every person who walks in as valuable as ourselves

  • We tell the truth

  • We drive our radical generosity, together

  • We don’t let bad processes creep in

  • We don’t blame, we ask what context was missing

  • We pursue every option for recycling and upcycling 

  • We are a unique resource for one another. We rely on each other

  • We know we all have a voice

  • We prioritize donors to ensure sustainability for our organization and community

  • We assume everybody has something to teach and learn from somebody 

  • We value the stories of how organizations have gotten where they are, the relationships they’ve developed, and the knowledge they have of the community that we don’t yet 

  • We won’t ever operate under the authority of a silo or single person

  • We listen to everyone 

  • We disagree, then we commit to the decision

The bottom line:

In essence, we follow the wisdom of a team-favorite children’s book, The Little Prince:

If you want to build a ship,

(Bridge translation: if you want to run a successful business:)

don't drum up the people

to gather wood, divide the

work, and give orders.

Instead, teach them to yearn

for the vast and endless sea.

(Bridge translation: teach people to desire a better life  for all of us and work together to build it.)


- Antoine de Saint Exupery


If you skipped all of that, we ask our team members to remember this every time they make a decision at Bridge: 


when I open my mouth and talk to the person in front of me, what are they going to feel when they walk away?


We're building bridges for our communities, together. Your support in all its forms is making an impact, today, and long into the future.

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