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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are you a for-profit organization?
    We made the intentional choice to go the for-profit route for a few reasons, the biggest being that non-profit organizations can ONLY give back to other nonprofits. Our mission is to fund change makers in our communities, whether their work is a registered 501(c)3 organization OR a grassroots movement making a huge impact. Beyond that, and equally important, for-profit business standards create better work environments for our employees, the heart of our organization. As a business, we’re held to higher standards for the benefits, opportunities, and environments we offer our teams and we wouldn’t have it any other way. For example, nonprofits are not required to pay into many social support systems, ultimately not providing their employees with vital options like parental leave, healthcare, and so much more. As a people-centered organization, we want to have every potential outlet for supporting our teams holistically.
  • Who do you partner with and why?
    Our goal is for each Bridge Thrift location to support local organizations making an impact in their community. Currently, our Glassell Park location is actively partnering with Ascencia, who has provided housing and services to over 12,000 homeless individuals and families since 2006. Bridge Thrift Clairemont is developing partnerships with Hope for San Diego and We See You San Diego as we create applications for funding through our Changemaker Grants which include resources and support. Our third partnership outlet is the Be a Bridge program [coming soon]. We send a portion of the proceeds of your donation in the form of Bridge Thrift gift cards to the community organizations you care about most. This enables each donor to be a changemaker that benefits causes important to them.
  • Why don't you offer discounts?
    Bridge Thrift is founded on the belief that each of us can be changemakers in our community. We do this by generating profit from donors unused and excess items and donating that to those changemakers. For every discount that we offer in our stores, we’re actively turning away funds that could be directed towards our community and the organizations that need it most. We do our best to price based on the value of an item and seek to honor our donors, our communities, and our customers through this pricing and discount system. The Bridge model relies on our incredible network of donors who entrust us with their items to make an impact on our communities. Our intention is not to overprice, but to price at value to honor the investment of our donors. We also research our pricing methods and products thoroughly, grounding all our training in industry standards.
  • Will I receive a donation receipt?
    As a for-profit organization, we cannot offer tax-deductible receipts. Only registered 501(c)3’s may distribute tax-deductible receipts. We completely understand if you’re looking for an organization that offers one. Non-profit thrift stores are common in our community and also need donations. We believe in our revolutionary business model to inspire, activate, and uplift community transformation. We also believe in the power of thrift in general and encourage you to find a location that works for you.
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